We are introducing Owlcntrst- the ultimate solution to enhance professional photography

Are you tired of taking dental photographs cluttered with unnecessary distractions and reflections? Look no further than Owlcntrst! Our contrastors are the perfect addition to your dental photography toolkit, allowing you to take professional-grade shots easily.

With Owlcntrst, you can take clear and concise photographs that accurately depict your patients’ dental health. Our matte black backgrounds ensure that your focus is solely on the teeth, giving you the best chance to capture the perfect shot every time.

Not only do Owlcntrst contrastors enhance the quality of your photos, but they also save you time and energy in post-processing. Our contrastors help reduces the need for editing and retouching, allowing you to produce high-quality images quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re taking occlusal, anterior, or posterior shots, Owlcntrst has you covered. Our range of contrastors includes options for all types of dental photography, ensuring you can achieve the desired result every time.

Our matte black backgrounds prevent unwanted reflections and distractions from entering your frame, allowing you to focus solely on the main element in your photos – the teeth! With Owlcntrst, you can take professional shots with ease and precision and impress your clients with high-quality results.

Our range includes both anterior and posterior contrastors, designed specifically to prevent the tongue, pharynx, oral mucosa, cheek, and lip mucous membranes from entering your images. You can take your anterior shots with confidence and clarity with two different types of anterior contrastors: Owlcntrst ante-N (narrow) and Owlcntrst ante-W (wide).

For occlusal mirror shots, our Owlcntrst Occlu-1 retract the lip and create a matte black background, and it is available in three different sizes to suit your needs. And for those lateral shots with buccal retraction, our Owlcntrst Occlu-2B has two functions and allows you to perform both occlusal and lateral shots with ease.

Upgrade your dental photography game today with Owlcntrst!