• My name is Miles Cone. I am a prosthodontist and certified lab technician in the US. I have used many brackets for external flash set-ups on my DSLR cameras, however, I have been disappointed and frustrated by the lack of consistency with my images. About a year ago I discovered the Owl Bracket on a Facebook page and I immediately fell in love with this product! The Owl Bracket is made of a very high-quality anodized aluminum that feels EXTREMELY solid in your hands! Each arm of the bracket has multiple numerical hash marks so that collaborating my settings between the chair and the bench can be easily achieved. A special bonus are the various cool colors that the bracket comes in (I love the red!) my name has been laser-etched onto the bracket for no additional charge. If you are serious about intraoral and laboratory photography, I cannot recommend this product enough!

    Dr. Miles R. Cone - 18:22 28/05/2019


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